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Sex Asistent is a multidisciplinary global network created in 2012 in Barcelona by Silvina Peirano from the sites "Mythology of the Special Sexuality" and "Sex Asistent". We currently have a presence in several countries: Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Israel, France Portugal, Italy ...


Sex Asistent Europe is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sexual assistance as a tool for people with functional diversity’s empowerment and equal opportunities. The social paradigm needs to change in order to stop spreading the idea of people with functional diversity (disability) as asexual or eternal childish people, diversity is something natural and enriching and therefore relations between people with and without functional diversity should be based upon equality and cooperation instead of on subordination and compassion. 


Finally, our purpose is the full development of people with functional diversity through the oretical dissemination, education and accompaniment. In no case we manage a service of sexual assistance because we believe that this should be a self-management service based on people’s autonomy, thereby avoiding procuring, segregation and the control and manipulation of the sexuality of people with functional diversity.


Sex Asistent Europe is a member of the European Platform Sexual Assistance.


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